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Seminar: Parallel Mesh Generation

When:July 25, 2013

Where:CAVS Building Room #2200

Dr. Adrien Loseille is a researcher in the GAMMA3 project at INRIA-Paris-Rocquencout, France. He obtained his PhD from Marie Curie, Paris France in 2008 and worked with Rainald Löhner and his team at George Mason University prior to joining INRIA. Adrien is the author of numerous papers related to unstructured mesh generation, and in particular anisotropic mesh adaptation.

A complete mesh generation or mesh adaptation process usually requires a large number of operators : Delaunay insertion, edge-face-element point insertion, edge collapse, point smoothing, face/edge swaps, ... Independent of the complexity of the geometry, the more operators involved in a re-meshing process, the less robust the process may become. In addition, deriving a  parallel version of the process may involve a large number of modifications for each operator.  Consequently, the multiplication of operators implies additional difficulties in maintaining, improving and parallelizing a code. The scope of this talk is to address these issues by  introducing  a unique cavity-based operator. As it embeds  all  aforementioned  operators, It can be used as the unique operator at each step of the process from surface and volume re-meshing  to boundary layer extrusion. In addition, we show that a coarse grain parallelization is possible by using a surface-constrained version of this operator.