Name:Joby M. Czarnecki
Associated Centers:Geosystems Research Institute
Email: joby.czarnecki@msstate.edu
Office:High Performance Computing Building, A212
Office Phone:(662) 325-5972
Address:Box 9627
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Biography:Dr. Czarnecki is an assistant research professor with the Geosystems Research Institute, with a faculty home in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. Her research focus is precision agriculture and applied use of unmanned aircraft systems. Prior to this position, Joby was with the REACH program at MSU, where her research focused primarily on tailwater recovery systems. Dr. Czarnecki was additionally employed with the Northern Gulf Institute/Geosystems Research Institute as a research associate and with Delta State University as an instructor of GIS.

Research Interest: Precision agriculture, geospatial technologies, conservation, quantitative methods, modeling

Publications: Omer, A. R., Moore, M. T., Krutz, L. J., Kroger, R., Prince Czarnecki, J. M., Baker, B. H., & Allen, P. J. (2017). Representation of Solid and Nutrient Concentrations in Irrigation Water from Tailwater Recovery Systems by Surface Water Grab Samples. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 143(11), 06017013-1-6. DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)IR.1943-4774.0001234.

Prince Czarnecki, J. M., Omer, A. R., & Dyer, J. (2017). Quantifying Capture and Use of Tailwater Recovery Systems. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 143(1), 05016010-1-6. DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)IR.1943-4774.0001124.

Prince Czarnecki, J. M., Reynolds, D., & Moorhead, R. J. (2016). Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Inform Herbicide Drift Analysis. 13th International Conference on Precision Agriculture. St. Louis, MO.

Ramirez-Avila, J. J., Schauwecker, T., & Prince Czarnecki, J. M. (2016). Catalpa Creek Watershed Planning, Restoration, and Protection Project. Conference: XIX Conferenza Nazionale della Società Italiana degli Urbanisti (SIU). Catania, Italy. [Abstract] [Document]

Baker, B. H., Kroger, R., Prevost, J. D., Pierce, T., Ramirez-Avila, J. J., Prince Czarnecki, J. M., Faust, D., & Flora, C. (2016). A Field-scale Investigation of Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Efficiencies of a Low-technology Best Management Practice: Low-grade Weirs. Ecological Engineering. 91, 240-248. DOI:10.1016/j.ecoleng.2016.02.038.

Total Publications by this Author: 40